Masking blu per mascheratura professionale

Professional high performance masking tape for exteriors in blue color with technical acrylic adhesive designed to resist up to 30 days in humidity, UV rays and high and low temperatures. A reliable and flexible solution in countless professional contexts. It adapts to different surfaces, even irregular, it is compatible with common solvent-based and water-based paints and ensures easy and clean removal without leaving adhesive residue on the application surface. Il nastro di mascheratura è un prodotto ecocompatibile realizzato senza solventi nell’intero processo produttivo.

Total weight *

100 g/m2

ISO 536

Overall thickness

135 μm


Longitudinal breaking load *

45 N/cm

AFFAIR 5004/PSTC 131

Longitudinal elongation at break

9 %

AFFAIR 5004/PSTC 131

Adhesion on Steel *

1.4 N/cm

AFFAIR 5001/PSTC 101


Carta Semincrespata

adhesive type

Adesivo acrilico base acqua


  • High conformability
  • Good adhesion on various surfaces, even irregular
  • Resistant to humidity and the most common water-based and solvent-based paints
  • Resistance of 30 days outdoors under UV light with clean removal (unpainted surfaces)
  • Good anchoring of the paint on the substrate